The cutting-edge designs are becoming the norm in a world that’s constantly evolving. The design trends of mobile apps are no exception to this rule, and one can expect the coming years of app development to bring a new set of both expected and unexpected changes to the fore.he need to provide users with a great experience has generated this movement. Designers are constantly striving to upgrade their design skills with every new innovation that is available in the market. Check out these amazing trends that the mobile industry will be following in 2022!

Digital Illustration mobile design trend

Digital Illustration is an upcoming trend that is being adopted by a large number of designers. This style uses digital drawing tools to create images from scratch. The design process works in a similar manner to traditional illustration where shapes, figures, and other elements are used to create a desired scene.

Clean UI mobile design trend

User interface is one of the most important parts of a mobile app. The way that an app is designed can make it or break it. Many developers are focusing design efforts on a "clean" UI. This trend focuses on simplicity, functionality, and usability. It's all about making the user think less and do more. These trends are seen in many popular apps such as Twitter and Instagram.

App Gestures

Gestures are a way to navigate through an app without tapping on the screen. Different gestures trigger different actions. For example, a tap and hold gesture will show all of the icons at once. A swipe left will delete an item. The best part about this is that it takes less screen space because the gestures happen off of the screen.

Mobile Icons trend

New mobile app design trends are changing the way we interact with our devices. One new trend is icons as buttons. The single tap motion has become intuitive and natural on a touchscreen, and this trend makes it feel like even more of a swipe or tap when you click to select an icon. Another trend involves using voice commands or voice search instead of typing out text. It's easy to speak rather than type, and it can be faster because you don't have to worry about spelling mistakes or auto-corrections. Finally, one other design trend is the increased use of color in apps, which includes gradients, transparency levels, and textures.

Dark mode design trend

The future of mobile app design will include dark mode design trends. This trend will make it possible for apps to automatically switch to a black color when the device is inactive or in a dark environment. This will conserve battery life and prevent eye strain, which should be considered by app developers.


In 2022, there are multiple designs. They range from what we have covered and more such as AR/VR and face id and more. Be excited to design your application with new trends as they keep updating and changing. And developers be ready to be on the top of your game with every new release for fear of leaving users disappointed.

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