Having your Google business listing suspended can be an unsettling experience for any business owner. In addition to losing visibility and affecting customer trust, the suspension of a business listing raises concerns about the impact on potential revenue and customer trust. Adhering to Google Business Profile Guidelines is important to maintain the platform's reliability for users, as it ensures that the information on Google My Business is accurate and accurate. In order to resolve the issue and prevent future occurrences, it is important to understand the reasons behind the suspension.

In this article we will explore why a Google business profile might be suspended, from minor infractions of Google Business Profile Guidelines to severe violations that require a Google Reinstatement Request through a Google Reinstatement Form. You'll also find out how to appeal a suspended business profile and how to fix suspended profiles.

Understanding Google Business Profile Guidelines

Eligibility Criteria

To create Google Business Profile or Google my Business profile (GMB) businesses must interact with customers face-to-face during regular business hours, which may take place at a brick-and-mortar location or within a 200-mile radius of their location. There are a few exceptions to this policy, including ATMs, seasonal businesses with permanent signage, and food delivery services that are only available for delivery. The business that are ineligible are Rental properties, online businesses, and lead generation companies. Only Business owners or authorized representatives are the ones who can verify and manage the profile of their company.

Content Guidelines

According to Google's guidelines, all business profiles must avoid prohibited behaviors as well as accurately reflect the business's identity. All product guidelines must be followed, and the business's address and service area must be precise, and only one business profile should be created for each business. Publish content that highlights the uniqueness of the company and how it stands out from its competitors. Violations of guidelines can result in the suspension of or removal of the business's information from Google.

Reasons Your Google Business Profile Might Be Suspended

  1. Inappropriate Content: Google strictly enforces its guidelines to maintain a safe and positive user experience. Any content promoting illegal activities, using offensive language, or displaying misleading information can lead to a suspension. To avoid violations, businesses must regularly review and align their profile content with Google's community standards.
  2. Virtual Office Addresses: Utilizing virtual office spaces, such as those provided by Regus or other similar services, for your Google Business Profile directly violates Google's policies. The platform requires a verifiable physical presence where services are rendered, and mail can be received, not just a mailing address.
  3. High-Risk Business Categories: Certain industries, including locksmith services, garage door repair, and legal services, are scrutinized more rigorously due to a history of fraudulent listings. Profiles in these categories are more susceptible to suspension for minor infractions, emphasizing the need for strict adherence to Google's operational guidelines.

Appeal Process for a Suspended Profile

Review Guidelines

Before initiating an appeal, ensure the business profile complies with all Google Business Profile guidelines. Familiarize yourself with violated policies, as indicated in the Google Business Profile appeals tool. This step is crucial to avoid repeat violations and strengthen the appeal.

Submit Reinstatement Request

Access the Google Business Profile appeals tool and select the business profile. At the bottom right of the interface is an option to 'Submit Appeal.' This is the initial step in requesting the reinstatement of the suspended profile.

Provide Necessary Evidence

During the appeal process, one may be prompted to add optional evidence to support the reinstatement request. Effective documentation includes official business registration, business licenses, tax certificates, and utility bills. Attach these documents directly to the appeals tool and submit them for review. This evidence can significantly enhance the credibility of the appeal, increasing the chances of a successful reinstatement.


A Google Business listing suspension can occur for various reasons, such as violating Google's guidelines or inaccurate information. In this blog, we have explained the reasons why your GMB profile might get suspended and how you can reinstate your listing. However, if you still face difficulties with your Google Business listing or need expert advice or SEO services, do not hesitate to contact us for professional help. Our team of experts can provide the necessary support and guidance to ensure your online presence is optimized for success.

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