Testing & Quality Assurance Services

Do your apps/portals need quality assurance? Are you aware of what may happen if a software is shipped without testing it thoroughly? Offering your clients a rigorously tested application, gives you a sound sleep.



We take software testing very seriously. A well planned software testing project yields great testing output


With each phase of testing we improvise your application quality. By default, we perform atleast one round of functional testing.

Analyse & Improve

Testing is an on going activity. With each phase closing down and moving to the next, we make sure we learn as we go ahead.

Why Choose Us?

We believe in a proactive test strategy. Each testing project of ours follows the fundamental testing processes. Our test strategies are backed up with verified test scenarios and test cases. This makes our execution phase simpler and we never miss any bugs that hampers the product quality. We have successfully tested varied products for:

  • Functional testing (both mobile apps and web apps)
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Database Testing
  • API Testing and many more....

What Kind Things We Do

We are a consolidated team of talented individuals with expertise in the fields of digital media and technology. A unified front, our team is passionate and well versed with the latest trends in digital media and believe in constantly evolving to incorporate modern ideas and efficient techniques into the projects we take over.

Business Development
Web Designer 90%
UI/UX Consultant
Web Designer 80%
Mobile Consultant
Web Designer 75%
Web Consultant
Web Designer 96%

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