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Performance Testing Services

Test your product to validate whether it is working as per your requirements

Performance testing offered by Co-develop

With Co-Develop, we are aligned to make the application reliable, consistent, reduce the loading time, improve the scalability of the product and work under an intensive workload. With our domain experts and dedicated team, we focus on improving data transfer rate, maximum simultaneous users, and enhanced security.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Performance required?
Testing your website to its core capabilities from speed, stability and ability to perform under a heavy workload.This reveals multiple possible scenarios under which the application can perform optimally.
What browsers and devices are the tests done on?
According to the scope of your product, budget we benchmark the softwares with multiple combinations of browsers and devices. We also cover multiple operating systems such as different versions of linux, macOs, iOS, Android.
How frequently will I be updated and how?
We provide updates on the progress of project every week.
Whom should I contact for any query?
You can contact us with any of your queries and suggestions
What other services does Co-Develop provide?
CoDevelop provides services from website development, website design, UI UX design, local SEO services, online advertising, copywriting, software testing and more.

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